fredag 16. mai 2014

New papers from Pion Design - My Precious Daughter

Igjen har Pion Design gitt ut en utrolig vakker kolleksjon 
Dette er hva Pion Design skriver om denne kolleksjonen. 

"A daughter fills her mother's heart with unending love and there is nothing we will ever treasure more than the bound to our daughters. Pion Design is now presenting the paper collection My Precious Daughter, a collection dedicated to all 
the beloved daughters around the world.
There will never be enough words to express the love and thankfulness of a mother, and with this paper collection we will be offered a chance to embrace and return some of the love that our daughters have brought into our lives. My Precious Daughter is a collection brimming with delicate flowers such as Pansies, Roses and Syringas, which together with all the exquisite patterns and images will help you capture and preserve some of the moments and milestones
 of your daughter's life.
My Precious Daughter consists of 12 double sided papers in the size 12x12" as well as single sided papers with 6x6" designs. The collection is also available within Memory Notes, for fast and easy journaling in an instant. My Precious Daughter will be ready for shipment by the end of May. Welcome!"

Ønsker dere alle en herlig 17. Mai ♥
Anne Kristine
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